Monday, February 22, 2010

A series of sketches of my loved ones' eyes

I always think of the eye as the window into the soul, so I'm obsessed with sketching them:
This was actually taken from my mom's baby picture. I love her. =D
My best friend since fifth grade, Kate, always has a twinkle in her eye (sorry for sounding cliche), and this is no exception.
My cousin, Jessica, whom I've always thought was one of the most beautiful people in the world. Still is.
Ji Eun, my best friend in high school, is from South Korea. I just love her eyes (almost as much as she loves mine (due to the fact that they're blue).
This is my eye. It seems as if I was either sad or tired (or both) at the time. Interesting, since the picture I took it from, I was smiling.
This is a random, imaginary eye. It may be yours!
This is my current boyfriend/love-of-my-life's eye. Not much else to say here.
This is my new friend, Sam, I actually drew this, not thinking of anyone, but it turned out lookin like her eyes, which I think are beautiful.
This was actually just an idea of an eye that I had in my head, as of now, I' can't put a name to it.


  1. love all the eyes - they each have their own personality!

  2. You´re really talented! I can´t draw to save my life!

  3. It took a LOT of practice to get to that, but thank you =D

  4. cool!


    I love what you've drawn.

  5. Hello, I was reading in the coffee shop and thought I would check out your blog. I like it very much :-) Mine is about the State of Michigan.